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About Us

Solutech, formerly Termain Ltd, specialise in design, manufacture
and procurement of corrosion control equipment supplying the Gas,
Oil, Water and Construction industry with over 40 years expertise.
We have predominately worked with the UK Gas industry and all our products are still manufactured to Transco/National Grid’s exacting standards and specifications and we remain an approved supplier to National Grid, Wales & West, Scottish & Southern Energy/Scotia Gas and United Utilities.
We have also undertaken both Onshore and Offshore work in the UK and internationally.

The nature of the Company's activities places particular emphasis upon experience, expertise, capability, reliability and quality.

Solutech are here to meet all our clients needs, new and old, and through our expertise and a network of suppliers we can provide all your companies corrosion needs.

Unit 5, Froanes Close, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4XL
Tele: 01162 752365 Fax: 01162 752459 E-Mail: info@solutechelectronics.co.uk